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Turn the Tables

a To-Shin Do self-defense seminar

with senior instructors

Shane Raitoshi Stevens

Bryan Toutoshi Griffin


Saturday, November 6
12 - 5pm EST

2 ways to attend

In-person at
Quest Martial Arts Raleigh

or Online
via Zoom

(Limited to 25 participants)

Things aren't looking good for the home team... 
It's time for a comeback!

Pinned down under enemy gunfire.


"Now, there's a place I never wish to find myself again," writes Bryan Griffin while reflecting on his military service in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Marine Corps.  

"Being pinned down, unable to move can create such a psychological overload, that often times seemingly obvious solutions are missed.  When our usual tools or strategies for success are unavailable, it feel like there's nothing we can do.  It takes a specific type of training to maintain a free-thinking, creative mind under extreme pressure."

We have to program our brain to quickly identify opportunities, instead of focusing so intently on the obstacles.

When the adversary gets the jump on you, when they gain a superior position, when you start to feel overwhelmed and trapped— 

—you need a way out.

Whether you're on the ground beneath a group of standing attackers, trapped against a wall or between vehicles in a crowded parking lot, or fenced in with tables, chairs, or office furniture, you can still discover options.

It's time to turn the tables!

The ninja of Japan were masters of survival. Their unconventional way of life fostered unorthodox ways of thinking, opening the doors to new ways one could achieve success in the face of extreme adversity.

This creativity is evident in their combat methods, and thanks to the diligent efforts of An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, these methods live on in the 21st century through the art of To-Shin Do.

This online workshop brings some of To-Shin Do's top instructors directly to you.


As full-time dojo operators and To-Shin Do instructors, Masters Stevens and Griffin have dedicated their lives to the study and instruction of contemporary self-defense.  This workshop is sure to deliver valuable life-saving principles for surviving when the enemy has the upper-hand, giving you more options to get home safely.  


Bryan Griffin teaching parking lot self-defense, November 2018

"To be truly combat ready, today's martial artist must be prepared and trained not only to fight the conventional standing fightfight but also to be able to fight from an automobile front seat, the floor of a broom closet, in the middle of a chair-packed diner, and on the way down a flight of fire-escape stairs."



You are indeed worth defending.

There are those whose love you share

     those whose days brighten with your presence

     those who count on you.

Just how much

     are you willing to do

     in order to assure

     that the twisted action of the perverse

     do not destroy the joy

     in the hearts of those you love?


-Stephen K. Hayes

Seminar Details

Saturday, November 6th
12 - 5pm EST

Bryan Toutoshi Griffin and Quest Martial Arts Raleigh are excited to welcome Shane Raitoshi Stevens to our dojo in North Carolina!

Mr. Stevens and Mr. Griffin will be co-teaching for the entire 5-hour seminar, with a few short breaks to allow students to hydrate, rest, and briefly take notes. 

The Zoom link will be emailed to all registered participants before the training begins.


The class recording will be uploaded and a link will be provided to all registered participants, allowing you to review the content of the class as many times as you desire.  

Can't attend live?  That's ok.  You will still receive the recording if you are unable to attend the live session.

Live instruction from world-class To-Shin Do teachers has never been more accessible.

Now is the best time to get the training you seek!

To-Shin Do

Turn the Tables Seminar

Online and in-person training. Forever-access to class recording. 

Live session will occur 12 - 5pm EST

Saturday, November 6

Reserve your seat for $124 


Shane Raitoshi Stevens

6th degree To-Shin Do black belt

Shane Raitoshi Stevens is a committed and dedicated husband and father of three who has over 25 years of martial arts training experience.


He moved to Ohio so that he could study with world renowned martial artists An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes.


He currently holds a 6th degree black belt in the warrior protector art of To-Shin Do, a  degree in education, and a degree in psychology.

Shane Raitoshi Stevens is dedicated to sharing the empowering message of To-Shin Do and assisting others in reaching their fullest potential.


Shane along side his wife, Christy own and manage Dayton Quest Martial Arts in Dayton, Ohio.


Bryan Toutoshi Griffin

6th degree To-Shin Do black belt

Bryan Toutoshi Griffin began training in To-Shin Do with An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes at the Dayton Quest Center in 1998, and currently holds the rank of rokudan, 6th degree black belt.

In 2007 he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served as a Scout Sniper, with combat deployements to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Following his time in the military, he earned a degree in business administration while teaching as the Chief Instructor at the Chapel Hill Quest Center.

In 2017 Mr. Griffin opened the Quest Martial Arts Raleigh, where he continues to share the valuable self-defense and self-development training of To-Shin Do with all who seek to unleash their potential!

Where does this practice come from?

Founded by Black Belt Hall of Fame member, Stephen K. Hayes, To-Shin Do delivers Japan's oldest martial art, with today's best teaching methods. 

The To-Shin Do martial art is focused entirely on realistic and effective self-defense. In the 1970’s Stephen K. Hayes became the first American to ever study the authentic and legendary Ninja martial arts with the 34th generation Ninja Grandmaster. After decades of studying and teaching the historical methods and techniques An-shu Hayes began to adapt this historic approach to be more applicable in the modern day. The result became the unique and unparalleled martial art and personal development programs which he formalized in 1997.


He gave this powerful and holistic approach the title To-Shin Do, the way of the heart and the sword. Symbolically the sword represents the tools of power, which are technique, strategy and skill, the heart represents the wisdom to use these tools of power responsibly. 

Much more than a “fighting style”, this training extends into all aspects of life, helping you develop a more positive and self-assured outlook. To-Shin Do techniques are based on an ancient and well-tested system of warrior disciplines, handed down by nine historical Japanese family lineages. At the same time, our training program is built around a very modern approach to successfully handle the type of threats and confrontations that are a part of our own contemporary culture. From your very first lesson, you will learn methods that you can use right away, regardless of your physical condition or any prior martial arts experience.


To-Shin Do

Turn the Tables Seminar

Online and in-person training. Forever-access to class recording. 

Live session will occur 12 - 5pm EST

Saturday, November 6

Reserve your seat for $124 

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