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Mighty Dragons
Establishing Confidence,
Discipline and Respect
(Ages 4-7)
Level 1
Foundations of
Beginners - Yellow belts
Level 2 
Blue - Red belts
Level 3
Path of the
Green - Brown belts
Level 4 
Pathway to
Black Belts
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Upcoming Events

Exploring the To-Shin Do "5 D" Formula for Self-Defense

December 07, 2019

The To-Shin Do "5-D's" formula is so important to understanding everything we teach here at the Quest Center.

In this workshop, we'll spend 2 hours carefully analyzing these 5 phases of a fight, and developing an awareness of why it is so critical to include each of them in your defense.

1. Discern - What's going on? What actions would be in my best interest?
2. Defense - The danger is here. How can I stay safe in this moment?
3. Disrupt - What can I do to stop the attacker's progress?
4. Deliver - What actions can I take to break contact and get to safety?
5. Discern - What is next? What post-conflict actions do I need to take to ensure the safety of myself or others?

Join us at Quest Martial Arts Raleigh on Saturday, December 7th from 2-4pm as we practice this 5-D approach to To-Shin Do self-defense. This workshop is open to all, ages 12+

$25 per participant
$20 for Quest members
FREE for QMAR BBC members!

Call 919-263-1457 to reserve your spot!
Email if you have any questions.

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