Quest Martial Arts Raleigh
10760 Wakefield Commons Drive, Suite 105
Raleigh, North Carolina 27614
(919) 263-1457
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Class Schedule 

Mighty Dragons
Establishing Confidence,
Discipline and Respect
(Ages 4-7)
Level 1
Foundations of
Beginners - Yellow belts
Level 2 
Blue - Red belts
Level 3
Path of the
Green - Brown belts
Level 4 
Pathway to
Black Belts
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Upcoming Events

Mandala Manifestation Magic Seminar with Jim McFarland

April 25, 2020

April 25, 2020 - Jim McFarland seminar!
"9 Unstoppable Steps of the Kongokai Mandala - Bringing Any Intention into Reality!"

Mr. McFarland learned this powerful and life-changing Japanese esoteric mind-science material from An-shu Stephen K. Hayes back in 1986, and it hasn't been taught publicly since then!

Ever wonder the deeper meaning of the mandala posters hanging at the front of the dojo? How they relate to our martial arts practice? How you can put this ancient wisdom to use in your life to 'carve' reality into the shape you desire?

This may be your one chance to gain this rare knowledge from an incredibly skilled instructor, with more than 30 years of training, research, and practice with this mind-science material.

The seminar will be on Saturday, April 25 from 2-7pm at Quest Martial Arts Raleigh. We will take a few short breaks during the training, so feel free to bring snacks or something to drink. You may also wish to bring a small meditation cushion.

It is open to anyone - you do not have to be a Quest member to attend. All are welcome.

Take advantage of early-registration procong. Now through March 31, the cost is $79 to attend. After April 1, the price will go up to $99.

Call Quest Martial Arts Raleigh at 919-263-1457 to register, or visit the event page on Facebook and follow the link to Eventbrite for tickets.

Unleash your potential!

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