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To-Shin Do

Intelligent Self-Defense

for the 21st Century

The classes at Quest Martial Arts follow the To-Shin Do training curriculum.

The To-Shin Do self-defense method uses superior position, structure and leverage to defeat conventional strength and size.

When properly used together, gravity and bone alignment generate tremendous force.  This means that To-Shin Do will work for people of all sizes and body types.

Our lessons are always practiced in a positive, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere.  Our goal is not to defeat competitors, but to develop the protector skills and knowledge to establish peace and safety.

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"it doesn't matter what kind of day I was having, by the time class starts at Quest, I feel great!"

-Amy J.


"My kids absolutely love it!  The instruction is top-notch.  Not only are the classes providing a fun experience, they're teaching life skills that will prepare kids to handle future challenges."

-Lisa K.

Youth Martial Arts

Action-based personal development and self-defense training for ages 8-14

Children today need to feel more secure in the world, and also learn they are ultimately responsible for creating that security for themselves and others.  To learn this big life lesson, they must learn to keep going through things that would hold them back.

To-Shin Do martial arts training is all about perseverance - intelligence and commitment combined.  We transform young lives by teaching children to avoid negative forces while developing their strengths - creating leaders and peacemakers dedicated to using their training to benefit the community.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a great place to host your child's next birthday adventure?

Quest Martial Arts offers exciting ninja-themed birthday parties.  Some example activities include:

  • Padded sword battles

  • Ninja throwing star target practice

  • Obstacle courses

  • NERF battles

  • More!

Call or Email us to reserve your party date!


Parent's Night Out

Ages 7-14

Parents, need a night out on the town? Quest has you covered!  P.N.O. events are action-packed adventures where the kids have a great time in a safe and supervised setting so you can truly relax and enjoy a well-deserved evening out!

P.N.O. Themes

  • Dodgeball

  • NERF Night

  • Stealth Night

Keep your eye on our Upcoming Events page for the next Parent's Night Out!

Did we mention PIZZA for the kids?


Mighty Dragons

Developing Confidence, Character and Self-Discipline for ages 4-8

In our Mighty Dragon class, children have fun while gaining confidence, body awareness, and basic self-defense skills.  Along the way, these students "learn how to learn" by developing group interaction skills, self-discipline, focus and respect for others.

Through an abundance of praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement, mighty dragons are taught avoidance skills in a safe, fun, non-competitive and high-energy environment!

I believe in myself - I am confident - I can accomplish my goals!

I believe in what I study - I am disciplined - I am ready to learn and advance!

I believe in my teachers - I show respect to all who help me progress!

- To-Shin Do Student Creed

quest fit

Quest Fit

A great supplement to our martial arts classes!  Quest Fit is a special program designed to hone the four key attributes of a fully-functioning martial artist:  

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

We combine elements of Kickboxing, Warrior Conditioning, and Ryu Tai, Dragon-Body Yoga, for a complete health and revitalization regimen for people of all training levels and backgrounds.

"I cultivate a positive attitude, a healthy body, and a clear mind."

- Excerpt from To-Shin Do 14-Point Code of Mindful Action


Action Meditation

Life-enhancing mindfulness training

Mindfulness training helps balance the physical training of martial arts.  

The benefits of meditation are recently becoming more widely accepted and promoted by professionals and medical experts across the world.  Meditation has always been a part of our martial tradition.

Our life-enriching mind science and coaching can help you increase awareness, achieve clarity and reduce stress.  Not only will it enhance your martial arts, you'll be pleased to see how mindfulness training enhances your life outside the dojo!

"I strive to be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind."

- Excerpt from To-Shin Do 14-Point Code of Mindful Action


Classical Taijutsu

Traditional Unarmed and Weapons Training from the Ninja and Samurai of Japan

With over 900 years of tradition, the Ninja and Samurai fighting arts of Japan have a lot to offer!  At Quest Martial Arts, in addition to our modern self-defense training, we take a look back to the roots of Ninjutsu.

By practicing with the sword, staff, chain and throwing blade, we develop coordination, expand our awareness of distance and timing, and gain a profound respect for those who lived in a time where this training was essential to their survival against an overwhelmingly powerful opposing force.  

"I love the challenge!  I really didn't expect all the benefits I would get through martial arts practice.  I wish I would have started training at Quest sooner!"

- Neal R.


Women's Self-Defense

Our Women's Self-Defense training isn't just a watered-down version of the "regular" class, like you may see at some other martial art schools.

This training directly applies the To-Shin Do defensive principles to situations unique to women.  We aim to identify problems earlier and develop the skills to avoid undesired encounters long before they become physical.


Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events Page for our Camp Schedule

In our Quest Camps, kids will train in the skills that made the ninja legendary!

  • self-defense

  • historical combat tools

  • Field-craft

  • Camouflage

  • Shelter construction

  • history

  • language

  • Art

  • And more!

But even more important than the skills practiced, are the attributes gained:

  • Perseverance

  • Patience

  • Teamwork

  • Self-Discipline

  • Mindfulness

  • Physical fitness

  • Mental and Physical Flexibility

  • Self-Regulation of thoughts, emotions and behavior

  • Decreased hostility and aggression

  • Self-esteem

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Respect

What's more, they'll be gaining all of these timeless life skills while having the time of their lives!


School's Out!  Quest Martial Arts offers day camps where kids can spend a week as a ninja

"I am as enthusiastic about others' fulfillment, as I am about my own."

- Excerpt from To-Shin Do 14-Point Code of Mindful Action

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