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Celebrate QMAR's
5th Anniversary!

with master instructor

James Kentoshi Norris
and special guest instructors

May 21 & 22, 2022
In Raleigh, North Carolina

No upcoming events at the moment

5 years of delivering To-Shin Do to the
North Raleigh and Wake Forest area!


We made it!  Surviving the first 5 years of any business is a huge accomplishment, but to have done it amidst a pandemic, now that's ninja!

We're ready to celebrate in the best way we know how...  

Training, more training, and some very special awards.

Then a whole lot more training!


Earning a To-Shin Do black belt has always involved overcoming significant obstacles, both internal and external.  It's part of the process of truly becoming accomplished in any endeavor.  But these past few years have brought with them an entirely new and different layer of difficulties.  We are proud to have several unusually determined and dedicated students who haven't allowed anything to slow them down on their path to black belt.  It is my honor to promote them to the rank of shodan in To-Shin Do at this special event.  They have been hard at work sharpening their skills and preparing demonstrations for this occasion.  And I am even more excited that they will have the opportunity to advance with one of my biggest role models present for this event:


James Kentoshi Norris.


Our dojo has some fantastic instructors.  But a goal of mine since opening our doors in 2017 was to host some of the teachers who helped me get to where I am today.  From the very first day I began martial arts, James Norris was there.  He was, and continues to be, a huge positive influence on my life.  Mr. Norris has provided me with some of the best martial arts instruction and some of the most helpful and honest guidance when I needed it, especially as I navigated my teen years.  

If you've ever spent time around Mr. Norris, you know that he is incredibly observant and will carefully listen to others as they speak.  Then in a few profound and poignant words, *boom*, James Norris will say the exact thing that everyone needed to hear, usually bringing stunned silence to the room.


His taijutsu movement is no different.  Kentoshi's precision is unmatched.  He wastes no energy with unnecessary motion, and completely neutralizes an attacker's power with perfectly timed yet simple maneuvers.  

Train with An-shu's right-hand man!

James Kentoshi Norris has worked alongside An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes more than any other person.  Having spent decades at the hombu dojo, he has more direct time training with the Grandmasters than anyone else in To-Shin Do.

His tremendous knowledge and expertise of our art is coupled with his relatable and clear teaching technique.  Your taijutsu skill is sure to improve under his instruction.  No matter your level of experience, Master Norris has something to help you learn and advance.


We are so grateful for the opportunity to welcome Kentoshi Shihan to our dojo here in Raleigh for this momentous occasion. 

Everyone attending is sure to leave with several of those big "ah-ha" breakthrough moments.  You'll see first-hand why Mr. Norris is one of my all-time favorite instructors.

-Bryan Toutoshi Griffin

Seminar Details

Saturday, May 21 & Sunday, May 22 

This event will be held both in-person at Quest Martial Arts Raleigh, and online.


There are only 30 in-person spaces available due to the size of our training area.


All others will be able to attend virtually via Zoom.  

The Zoom link will be emailed to all registered participants on the morning of the event.

Event Schedule (subject to change)

Saturday, May 21

10:00a - Arrival / Check-In / Log-In

10:30a - Toutoshi Griffin

11:00a - Kentoshi Norris

1:00p - Lunch Break

2:00p - Guest Instructor

2:30p - Kentoshi Norris

4:30p - Break / Black Belt Candidates Preparation

5:00p - Demonstrations and Awards Ceremony

Sunday, May 22

9:30a - Arrival / Check-In / Log-In

10:00a - Guest Instructor

10:30a - Kentoshi Norris
12:30p - Lunch Break

1:30p - Guest Instructor
2:00p - Kentoshi Norris

4:00p - Closing Remarks


Quest Martial Arts Raleigh's
5th Anniversary Event

James Kentoshi Norris

Available in-person (spaces limited) and online

May 21 & 22, 2022
At Quest Martial Arts Raleigh

Train in-person $225
Train virtually $205

No upcoming events at the moment

James Kentoshi Norris

8th degree To-Shin Do black belt

"James Kentoshi Norris is one of my all-time top trusted master instructors. If you want to learn authentic ninja martial arts, James is absolutely top-of-the-list in his instructional skills.”

An-shu Stephen K. Hayes

James Norris has studied martial arts for over 35 years. He moved to Ohio to study under martial arts legend Stephen K. Hayes, after years of searching for a martial art that had everything a martial art was supposed to have: realistic self-protection skills, rich history, and a clear path toward self-development.

He spent so much time at the To-Shin Do headquarters (Hombu Dojo) that it wasn’t long before James Norris was teaching there, eventually running the Hombu for several years, and becoming one of the highest ranked To-Shin Do practioners in the world.

James and his wife Johanna run the Cincinnati Quest Center in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Bryan Toutoshi Griffin

6th degree To-Shin Do black belt


Bryan Toutoshi Griffin began training in To-Shin Do with An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes at the Dayton Quest Center in 1998, and currently holds the rank of rokudan, 6th degree black belt.

In 2007 he enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served as a Scout Sniper, with combat deployements to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Following his time in the military, he earned a degree in business administration while teaching as the Chief Instructor at the Chapel Hill Quest Center.

In 2017 Mr. Griffin opened the Raleigh Quest Center, where he continues to share the valuable self-defense and self-development training of To-Shin Do with all who seek to unleash their potential!

Where does this practice come from?

Founded by Black Belt Hall of Fame member, Stephen K. Hayes, To-Shin Do delivers Japan's oldest martial art, with today's best teaching methods. 

The To-Shin Do martial art is focused entirely on realistic and effective self-defense. In the 1970’s Stephen K. Hayes became the first American to ever study the authentic and legendary Ninja martial arts with the 34th generation Ninja Grandmaster. After decades of studying and teaching the historical methods and techniques An-shu Hayes began to adapt this historic approach to be more applicable in the modern day. The result became the unique and unparalleled martial art and personal development programs which he formalized in 1997.


He gave this powerful and holistic approach the title To-Shin Do, the way of the heart and the sword. Symbolically the sword represents the tools of power, which are technique, strategy and skill, the heart represents the wisdom to use these tools of power responsibly. 

Much more than a “fighting style”, this training extends into all aspects of life, helping you develop a more positive and self-assured outlook. To-Shin Do techniques are based on an ancient and well-tested system of warrior disciplines, handed down by nine historical Japanese family lineages. At the same time, our training program is built around a very modern approach to successfully handle the type of threats and confrontations that are a part of our own contemporary culture. From your very first lesson, you will learn methods that you can use right away, regardless of your physical condition or any prior martial arts experience.


We hope you'll join us on this
most special occasion!


Quest Martial Arts Raleigh's
5th Anniversary Event

James Kentoshi Norris

Available in-person (spaces limited) and online

May 21 & 22, 2022
At Quest Martial Arts Raleigh

Train in-person $225
Train virtually $205

No upcoming events at the moment

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