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Here's what Stephen K. Hayes, the founder of To-Shin Do has said about Mr. Griffin:

"I have trained with Bryan Griffin since he was a boy.

As a man, he has shown great courage in the face of some heavy challenges.  Bryan has been able to transform those experiences into inspiring lessons for others. 

For this special ability, I gave him the name Toutoshi – “Warrior of the blade that slays evil spirits.”

He will be a wonderful guide for all who take on the self-development, self-defense system of To-Shin Do."

Bryan Toutoshi Griffin

Kasumi-An To-Shin Do 6th degree black belt

In 1998, Mr. Griffin began his To-Shin Do training under An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes at the Dayton Quest Center, in Dayton, Ohio.  There he developed into a skilled martial artist and gained the teaching skills needed to share To-Shin Do with others.

In 2007, feeling the call for service and adventure, he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps.  During his time on active duty, Mr. Griffin served two combat deployments as a scout sniper, one to Ramadi, Iraq (2008-2009) and the other to Marjah and Sangin, in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan (2010-2011).

After leaving the military in 2011, while using the G.I. Bill to earn a degree in business administration, Mr. Griffin began instructing at

Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Inspired by the outstanding community of martial artists, led by Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt, Mr. Griffin was motivated to share the benefits of To-Shin Do training with more people in the Triangle, North Carolina area.

So, in 2017 Quest Martial Arts Raleigh was created, delivering

Life Mastery Through Martial Arts

to the North Raleigh and Wake Forest communities!

Amber Griffin

Administrative Ninja

If Quest Martial Arts Raleigh were a ship, Ms. Amber would be the anchor keeping us grounded...


OK, she'd also be the crew chief, the navigation system and, even though Bryan looks like the Captain, he doesn't make many decisions without running them by Amber.

And that's because she has a very strong sense of reality, a caring and nurturing spirit, and her honesty is uncompromising.  She brings a wonderful balance to the team.

With a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Amber understands the need to develop appropriate learning and developmental goals for students as they progress through their training milestones. Amber displays uncommon tenacity and persistence when working toward a goal.

Like a true ninja, Amber will tirelessly seek to learn the information, or acquire the resources necessary to share brightness with those around her.

In special honor and memory of a loving spirit and great teacher

Emily Quinn Griffin

March 24, 2015 - May 15, 2016

"She’s the most inspiring teacher in my life" -Bryan Griffin


Emily Quinn was born with hydrocephalus, a condition in which cerebral spinal fluid builds up within the ventricles of the brain and can hinder growth and development of the brain.  But that’s just something Emily had; it’s not who she was, or continues to be.

Emily taught me that all the things we normally associate with winning in life are just one interpretation of success.  She couldn’t move around like other children her age, and she couldn’t see as well as you and me, but Emily could show love in the way she listened to her Mother's voice, the way she smiled, laughed, grabbed my finger, rested her head on my shoulder, or fell asleep in my arms.

She showed determination by pushing her limits in physical therapy and shocked all the doctors who said she wouldn’t likely be able to do very much because so much of her brain was missing.  She taught me how to slow down and find the magic in the spaces between everyday events.  Emily showed strength and forgiveness for every doctor visit, needle stick and dose of medicine.  She gave me the opportunity to see her mother in a bright, new and incredibly powerful way.

When Emily got sick she showed the bravery and spirit of a true warrior.  Each and every day of Emily’s thirteen month long life, she radiated with grace.

After many years of war, Emily taught me peace. 


I will always be so honored to have been given the gift of being Emily’s father. 

She reaches farther distances and touches the hearts of more people than I’ll ever know. 

Thank you Emily Quinn, for all you have taught me and all you continue to share.

Love you always,